GLBLVLLGthe entertainment and wellness company that means Global Village, has become one of the most beloved events to hit the music scene in Philadelphia. The community of soulful artist meets once a month for the iconic Jam Session.

 Their goal?

“To bring light and healing to our city and world. Global Village wants to showcase these artists and the creative work that makes our culture unique” as mentioned on their site.
Ahead, we speak to the 26-year-old active leader Lyonzo, about the importance in the cultural influences and music in today’s political climate.
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Q – Did your ethnicity and race play a big part in your music and writing?

It absolutely plays a big part in my music and writing. In my music, I carry this heavy influence of West African drums and African Sounds and really a mix of an international feel. In my voice, I make it a point to let the listeners/audience hear my accent.

When I write I let my ancestors speak through me. Every single ancestor that survived long enough for me to be here. I make sure that every letter, word, and sentence is with respect to them and everyone feels them through me.

Q- How do you feel about  GLBL VLLG currently and what it’s become? 

I feel as tho GLBLVLLG is doing what is necessary for today’s age. I fill the void of true genuine human connections. It fills the void of a sense of belonging and community. I honestly GLBLVLLG is a path to bringing change to the world. There’s no denying of how powerful and vital it is. The world needs GLBLVLLG. GLBLVLLG has become this amazing movement and I always scroll back to the beginning of our Instagram page just to remind myself how far we’ve come in a year. In one year.


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Q-What do you hope to conquer in the future?

What I hope to achieve is cultural global awareness of the energy that global village brings. Which is love, energy, positivity, community, and great music!! GLBL VLLG, in my opinion, is heaven on earth.”

Q -what can you say about music and the current political climate we are in right now? 

Music is becoming very revolutionary. I think everyone is seeking truth and authenticity. Especially in a world where racism, sexism, genderism, classism is still a thing. We are in a war every day. Every single person in this world is in war every day at war against poverty, at war against race at war to protect their class, their gender, at war against time, at war to protect our identity and the list goes on. The social climate is designed for everyone to have an opposition and I think we’re tired of fighting and we just want love, we just want peace, and we are all seeking truth and when we find the truth we stick with and pull others to it. Which is why the global village has had the success that it’s had.

Make sure to check out the next Jam on the 21st, RSVP here.

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