The Art Of Thrifting: Summer ​Blazers

While dealing with the negative stigma attached to thrifting can be SUPER annoying, I’m happy to see how common it’s becoming. Over time I’ve grown an immense passion for thrifting, which is due to my obsession with fashion trends of the past decades – ANNNNDDDD I get to save coins I can use for other essentials.

When some people think of The Goodwill or Salvation Army they might think “ew dead people clothing” but the word “adventure” pops in my mind.

You have the opportunity to revisit any decade and embrace colorways and trends recognizable today. You can explore creativity that you might have never known existed. You can find brand name items for super cheap, let me hear you say QUA-LI-TY!

You pretty much get to play dress up as a grown adult and look super dope while doing so.

My experience with thrifting has evolved over the years. When I first started I was more attracted to oversize tees and printed button-ups. Now, I rotate more to professional clothing – mainly because a shawty is trying to slay at work.

It took a while for me to figure out my “professional” personal style. I didn’t want to feel dull and boring. Now I’m a trouser and thrifted- blazer kind of gal. Over the years, I became somewhat of the go-to-girl for thrifting.

I can walk in and out with unusual items in less than 20 minutes; this wasn’t the case in the beginning though. Below are my do’s and dont’s for thrifting – things I’ve learned through trial and error.