Get To Know: Fashion Blogger Darlene Duran

With a petite frame and a full head of curls, Darlene Duran has made a name for herself in the local photography community.

Her Instagram, an aesthetical grid of inspiring quotes and selfies, sends out an important message: influencers need to do just that – influence. Her daily positive messages are accompanied by artistic collaborations and #ootd photos. While she is recognized for her fashion sense, many of her followers look up to the young influencer for hair tips.

Collaboration shoot with @huhuako (Jennifer Mota), @pure_existence_ (Caitlyn Stefanski) and @kulihuli


What is your earliest fashion-related memory?

I was six years old and I started designing stuff on paper and then I realized I wanted to do something fashion-related or even if it wasn’t my career do something involved with it or styling.

Did the women in your family contribute to your love for fashion?

My mom definitely contributed to my style, she was and still is a very glamorous person. Back in the day, she would wake up and the first thing she would do is put makeup on and get dressed up. I remember seeing pictures at 10 and 12 and I really didn’t think she was that fashionable. Now I see pics and I’m like “Yo she was really on trend with everything that she would wear.” She is one of the biggest influencers in my family.

How do you define your personal style?

Minimalistic with a mix of the 70s. I’m pretty simple even when I do go for patterns I don’t really mix and match. The colors I use are also simple, they’re never over the top and bright. I just like to keep it simple and add some boho pieces to create a unique style.


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 7.55.29 PM
Modeling for Hu-Huako Custom Apparel , Photography by @kulihuli



What has been one of the hardest obstacles for you as a blogger?

Styling with my natural hair. Although I do straighten my hair sometimes, my hair is normally in its natural state. I remember when I first started blogging it was very discouraging. I felt like my hair didn’t go with my personal style, the bloggers I looked up to didn’t have curly hair so I felt that I had to straighten my hair. I still struggle with it a little bit but I’ve learned to incorporate my personal style and its been going pretty well with me.

Does your culture contribute to your inspo?

For sure. I do believe my culture has influenced my style.


I feel like me personally I love summer fashion. it reminds me of being on an island and being able to wear off the shoulders, shorts and flowy dresses – that’s when I feel like my style really flourishes. I have the fact that my parents are from the Carribean to blame for that.

What can you say about fashion communities on social media? 

I think it has become a little redundant, there are some bloggers that I really do find inspiration from, but other than that I feel there’s no authenticity. A lot of fashion bloggers have personal stylists. Me being a fashion blogger and having a stylist? It’s like your taking someone else’s style, that they put together for you and you’ve given yourself the title job description of that person. and to me, that’s a little bit weird.

Also, the Kylie Jenner athleisure style that has been popping up a lot in the fashion community and its just getting really unauthentic and it’s becoming repetitive.

What is something you want your followers to know?

There’s no right and wrong in fashion, the most important thing when finding your style or playing around with clothes, is to make sure the fit is right for you. There’s certain pieces that look good and others the