The Unconventionals Ep 1: Scarlet Hernandez



A word I wish I thought of more often, along with authentic, organic and UNIQUE. Nowadays fashion influencers seem like they all belong in a GUCCI ad or in a KUWTK episode (mini Jenners.)

This post and project are in no way, shape or form coming at those who love these styles. It’s to promote individuality and embrace our weirdest likings.


Scarlet is one of the hardest working women I know.

My first day at RECphilly is a bit of a blur, but what I do remember is how at home I felt. I was surrounded by people that were passionate about Philly music, the creative atmosphere and most importantly READY TO WORK.

When I met Scarlet it was a breath of fresh air.

A Dominican who once upon a time had a Hot Topic obsession, loves Fall Out Boy, is SUPER aware of political happenings AND embraces her Latinx identity to the max.

We were like the Carters of the creative team, able to make artistic magic from left to right – don’t ask me who’s HOV and who’s Bey because we each got a little bit of both.

Check out what Scarlet has to say about her wardrobe and personal style choices: