The Unconventionals​ Ep 2 : Gabrielle Mandel

I met Gabrielle Mandel while she was doing her residency as a designer in the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator four years ago.

Gabrielle was one of five designers creating their collection at the time. I admired her line Supra Endura, from the very first time I got a glimpse of the samples and mood board. While I created content for Minkeeblue, I also had the freedom to work with the other designers.

It was then that I was able to practice wardrobe styling. Gabrielle gave me the opportunity to assist her for a photo shoot in New York.


Since then I’ve watched as Gabrielle expand her business as well as witness the multi-faceted work she does here in the city. Her clothing line is one to support and follow.

Below is PART ONE  of my interview with the lovely designer.




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