Jennifer Mota is a Dominican-American clothing designer, Multimedia Creative, and Journalist who focuses on music, fashion, and Black Latinx identity. Spearheading Urbano and Afro-Latinx stories during her time as a digital assistant for People en Español’s English-language verticle People Chica, she wrote Recognizing Dominican Dembow: From Jamaica to El Alfa, highlighting the history and pioneers behind the sub-genre. Contributing to the visual storytelling direction for the site’s video franchises, creating and highlighting local Afro-Latinx leaders Afrodescendencia franchise, she also interviewed and edited videos for artists like Sech and Ivy Queen. 

Her expertise in the dembow scene scored her a monthly column in Remezcla entitled “Si Tu Quiere Dembow,” where she reports on the genre’s past and present. As a Multimedia freelancer, she’s worked in the internet industry as a content producer and copywriter. She has written for VIBE, Pitchfork, and Tidal, and People En Español, while her on-camera catalog includes platforms like Yahoo’s Live Build Series, The Fader, and Noise Colectivo. Besides documenting, she has become an authority in artists branding and a Latinx-marketing strategist for U.S-based artists and Major labels. Most recently, she launched the platform El Recap, a Spanglish-driven page highlighting the Dominican movement.

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